Dominant Alliance
Day 1 - Present

The BoardRoom

Alliances Present
Day 1 - Present The BoardRoom
Day 1 - Day1 The Meme Magicians of America


Hudson is the Most North-Easterly state in the Game. It has a single state that it can access, Macon. The state is based on New England.


The BoardRoom

The BoardRoom is Based in Hudson with all 5 members of Senior management based in Hudson. The alliance has controlled the state since the first day of beta until the current day.

The Meme Magicians of America

The alliance created by Rick Wilson was the second most powerful alliance in Hudson for the several hours of its existence before the leader Kronos joined the BoardRoom.

Notable Players

AKMB - New Kuto

The CEO (leader) of The BoardRoom. 

Kronos - Acolytes of Kek

Former Leader of the Meme Magicians of America, Senior Manager in The BoardRoom

Grimmand - The BrotherHood of the Golden Axe

Senior Manager in The BoardRoom and second ever member.

Tay Tay - Girl Squad

Senior Manager in The BoardRoom.

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